Strawberry Shortcake

In this memory, I am four years old. My little brother turns one in the month of June, and my mother prepares a special meal and a cake for his birthday. Though she is not into baking like some of my friends’ mothers, she has a few cakes she can bake well, and she bakes one for everybody’s birthday.

My favourite is her chocolate cake. I requested it for my birthday back in April. My brother is still too little to have a strong cake preference. He cannot even talk properly yet. I secretly wish that my mother will make another chocolate cake for his birthday.

That wish, however, is not to be fulfilled. To my slight disappointment, my mother bakes a strawberry shortcake instead because my brother likes strawberries.

It is ironic that I am not the one who prefers a strawberry shortcake. April is the month when strawberries come out in abundance in the stores. By the time my brother’s birthday arrives, they are no longer in season, hence more costly and less tasty.

But regardless of the inconvenience, those are our preferences. A chocolate cake for my birthday and a strawberry shortcake for my brother’s birthday.