The Clock Rewound

The clock rewound
That’s what happened
When I entered the store
I was thirteen again

School lunchtime
In the tiny broadcast room
With two friends
About to go live for the lunchtime program

My senior puts the music CD into the player
The best of something from the 90s
The familiar melody starts from the speaker
And I sit in front of the mic with my notes

The music fades out
The signal is given
I start speaking
Hello everyone, welcome to Monday lunchtime radio –

It was a short broadcast
After greeting everyone
I’d read out main events of the week
Then wish them all a happy week

Never really enjoyed it
I was still a new student
Worrying about being awkward
Trying my best to fit in

But then why
As the music transported me back
To that tiny broadcast room
There was now fondness

The faces of my two friends
I never felt close to
The intro music
I never really liked

They all came back
And for the first time
I enjoyed being in that room
About to go live for the lunchtime program