The treat I never got to eat

In Japan, there is a fast food chain called MOS Burger. It’s inspired by the American burger chains like MacDonald’s and KFC but with more focus on the quality of food and drinks, and the burger chain is particularly appreciated by families with young children.

When I was six, my family moved to the suburb, and there was one MOS burger near our house. Though we sometimes went there to enjoy a family afternoon over drinks, we rarely ate food there. My mother had a strict policy that we would eat out only for special occasions, and when there was a special occasion, we would normally choose a more proper restaurant than a burger shop. So, I rarely got to eat burgers from MOS Burger. Whenever I went there, I would always look at the pictures on the menu and fantasize about the tastes.

One day, I came back from the kindergarten, and my mother surprised me by saying that we were now going to the MOS Burger to grab a meal. As full meal.

“You mean, not just drinks but French fries AND burgers?”

I asked my mother eagerly.

“Yes, you can have French fries AND a burger.”

I jumped with excitement. I had no idea why my mother had suddenly made such a generous plan, but it was the best kind of surprise for me. I started to think which burger I was going to choose as I recalled the pictures from the menu in my head.

My parents and I got in the car and left for our exciting trip to the MOS burger. It was only 5-minute drive from our house.

I laid down on the backseat and looked at the passing scenery from the window. I noticed that my merry mood had faded and I wasn’t feeling so well. As we approached our destination, I started to feel sour in my mouth. I wondered what was going on.

Then at the drive thru counter, just when I leaned forward to tell my mother what I wanted to order, I puked. I felt really sick and couldn’t think anything.

Both my parents were surprised and worried, but the person behind the drive thru counter couldn’t see us, and it was too awkward to explain what was actually happening. So, my mother put on a cool voice and continued her order as if nothing had happened while my father attended me.

As soon as we got our order, we drove back home, and I was immediately carried to bed. After resting for some time, I felt better. When my mother came in to see how I was doing, the first thing I asked was “What happened to my burger?”

My mother told me that since I was not in the condition to eat it, my father had it on behalf of me. Tears poured out of my eyes.

“I really wanted to eat it! I really looked forward to it!”

“I know sweetie. But you cannot eat oily food now. Next time, okay?”

I closed my mouth and sank in sadness. I really didn’t know when the “next time” would be, and I just couldn’t get over the fact that I had missed the rare treat that day.