Today is the day
I start a new journey
Plunging into the Unknown

I’ve waited for this moment
For so long
I’m sure I’m prepared

The whole summer went by
But not without fun

I felt alive
As I swayed in the breeze
Absorbing the sunshine on my skin

I didn’t forget to chat with others
We used to be together
From dawn to dusk and through night

They all wished me well
As they left for their own journeys
To the life afterwards

And I’ve wondered
What awaits us
Beyond the departure

Now, my turn is finally here
I’m sad to leave, but
Excited to discover the new life

The temperature has dropped
Everybody has turned yellow
Now is the time

I jump into the air
Letting go of the hold
Letting the wind take me over I don’t know what happens next
But I know I’m ready
Wherever my adventure takes me