Two Windows

I’m five in this memory. It’s autumn. Through the open window of the backroom of our tiny half-dilapidated apartment, the cool morning air sweeps in. I’m running around the room with my little brother when suddenly, I get inspired to go to the next room, which is the tiniest room used for storage. Being afraid of darkness, I never go in there in the evening, but now, in the bright daylight, the room is just as any other.

As I dash into the storage room, my brother follows me. Together, we go to the far end of the room where the window is open. Out of curiosity, I poke out my head to see what scenery I get from this window. It’s mostly the same from the familiar one I see from the backroom, but slightly shifted to the left. When I turn my head to the right, I see the open window of the backroom.

“That’s interesting.”

A fun idea occurs to me.

“You wait here,” I tell my brother. “I’ll go to the other room and wave at you from that window.”

My brother seems to like this idea, too. He happily stays behind as I run back to the other room.

Once I get to the window of the backroom, I poke out my head and look to the left.

“Are you there?”

Immediately, my brother’s smiley face pops out from the other window. “Hello!”


We wave at each other. Even though we’re just a few feet apart, there is an awareness that we’re in different rooms, which excites me. We’re communicating from different rooms!

My brother and I switch places and continue the greeting party until finally we’re both satisfied and ready to move on to our next activity.