When I walked back home eating a custard bread roll

It was toward the end of my time at primary school. The school’s PTA decided to spend their extra budget to host a special party for Grade 6 children to celebrate their upcoming graduation. One afternoon, we were called to the auditorium, and there we played many games with our teachers and parents. After having a lot of fun, the parents in the room started to distribute snack bread to us.

“There was a little bit of left-over money, and we decided to buy these snacks for you. Enjoy!”

The snack bread came in a wide variety. The one I chose was a custard bread roll. Along with the bread, we were also given small packages of juice.

When the school was over for the day, I walked back home on my own. I actually don’t remember why I wasn’t with my friends that day. But in any case, I was walking alone, and that’s when I remembered about the custard bread roll in my bag.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I eat it while walking back home?”

Usually, we were not allowed to carry any snacks between our home and school. That day was an exception.

I looked around to see if there was anybody watching me. To my delight, there was nobody. I slowly reached for my bag and took out the package of the custard bread roll and opened it with care. The moment I opened it, the smooth surface of the custard bread roll welcomed me with a wonderful fragrance. With a smile on my face, I took a bite. Then another. Then another.

Half way into my blissful snack time, I also opened the package of juice and started drinking it. One bite from the bread, then a sip from the juice. Another bite from the bread, then a sip from the juice. I continued like that until both my bread and juice were gone.

I finished eating and drinking just when I came upon a traffic light. As I waited for the light, I put the empty packages together in a plastic bag and put them back into my school bag. Then I looked up at the sky and thought to myself what a luxurious snack time it had been.

Funnily enough, I never told about this happy private snack time to anybody. Not that it was a secret, but nobody ever asked about the bread and I never bothered to tell people what had happened to it. However, that luxurious snack time remained in my heart with a special sentiment, and even to this day, as I think about it, my face melts into a smile.