Dinosaur Egg and Unexpected Secret

This story is a continuation from the previous post.

The middle section of the Sport Festival is dedicated to various kinds of fun races. One of them is a race that we do with our fathers. This is the first time we run this race, and we do not yet know what exactly will happen in the race.

“You are now going on an adventure to find Dinosaurs’ eggs,” our head teacher explains to us. “It’s going to be a dangerous journey I must tell you.”

“Why?” Several of us ask at the same time.

“Because there will be dinosaurs. See, they are already waiting to eat you!”

She points her finger to the other side of the ground, where large creatures seemingly made of cardboards are roaming around.

“The eggs you need to retrieve are on the other side of those dinosaurs. Good news is that there’s a way to make them fall asleep.”

“What is it?” Somebody asks.

“Well, you make them eat a special pebble. Just before you meet the dinosaurs, pick one pebble from the pool, and put it in their mouth. Then you can pass safely!”

I love this kind of mission. I cannot wait to start this adventure. I will be the first to come back with the dinosaur’s egg!

 “You’ll have to collaborate with your fathers to successfully accomplish this mission.” Our teacher concludes, and we all line up at the start point.

The pistol sounds, and my father and I start the race with my friends and their fathers. In no time, we come to the pebble pool. It is so close to the dinosaurs that teachers who stand nearby warn us to be very quiet. “You don’t want to draw their attention!”

I pick up a pebble in my hand, which is actually made of rolled paper. Next, my father puts me on his shoulders so that I can throw the pebble in a dinosaur’s mouth. There are several dinosaurs, but because there are many of us egg-hunters, we each only need to focus on one dinosaur.

When I sit on my father’s shoulders, my face comes above the dinosaur’s head in front of me, and I get the glimpse of the dinosaur’s inside. What I find there is most unexpected. I see somebody’s mother inside, operating the cardboard dinosaur!

 Gazing at the top of her head, I almost forget what I have been told to do.

“Have you thrown your pebble yet?” My father’s voice grabs me out of stupor. “It’s getting heavy here. Do it quickly!”

So, I throw the paper pebble into the cardboard dinosaur operated by somebody’s mother. I am not sure if it made the dinosaur sleep since she is clearly awake. But a voice says from behind that the dinosaurs are now all asleep and that we must hurry.

We all run to the “bush,” which is made of a cardboard and hides a pool of dinosaur eggs.

“Pick one and run!” A teacher instructs us from somewhere nearby. “Before they awaken!”

The eggs seem to have different sizes. I pick the largest one before we start running again.

“Somebody’s mother was in the dinosaur,” I tell my father as we run toward the goal point hand in hand. “Isn’t that strange? Why is anybody in there?”

The race is over, and I am left with a dinosaur egg. The content of the egg turns out to be a football. I do not play football, but I love cuddling round objects. Now, whenever I cuddle this ball, I will be recalling this mysterious race and somebody’s mother’s head I saw from the top of my father’s shoulders.