Fuss over socks

When it comes to wearing socks, there are two kinds of people on this earth: those who meticulously arrange each sock so that the toe goes to the toe and the heal goes to the heal, and those who do not give any thought to such a matter. As far as I can remember, my father has always belonged to the latter group. He did not mind the orientation of his socks as long as they covered his feet.

But my little brother was not like that. From the beginning of his life, the orientation of his socks was an important matter, and as soon as he learned to talk, he made sure that his socks were worn properly.

When my father put on the toddler socks on my brother’s feet, oftentimes, the heals of the socks were facing upward. My brother would never ignore it.

“Weird! Weird!” He would call out, pointing to his socks, until somebody came along and fixed the orientation for him.

This was the daily fuss over socks.