You and your problem

You and your problem
In a familiar room
Staring at each other
Once again

Like it or not
You know It very well
Its nature and behaviour
In all quirky details

You can see
How It’s causing you pain
But you don’t yet know
The solution

“Hey, you,”
You try addressing It
Hoping to get some hint
About where the solution lies

You are perfectly aware
You have to be patient
When sitting with your problem
But once in a while you lose temper

“I’m so sick of you!”
You shout
“I just want to get out of here,”
You cry

Your problem
Is the patient one
It won’t move nor complain
It waits for your lead

At the long end, you stand up
It’s time to move on
With your life
Your problem also stands up

As you open the door
A message arrives
From you
To your problem

“I don’t hate you,
Though I may resist you.
I just wish they could also see you
When we are walking together.

“Why do we always hide
In a room to talk
When we have a whole world
To explore together?

“You are my travel companion
Undesirable, yet extremely precious
From now on
I shall treat you as such!”

You and your problem
The journey continues hand in hand
In the company of all others
Who are also on their unique journeys