Ruined opportunity

In this memory, I am five years old. One morning, when I wake up, I find my little brother sitting up on the bedding next to me. My mother is already up. I can hear her working on her typewriter in the next room. It is all very quiet except the typing sound.

I sit up next to my brother and whisper my secret plan to him.

“Listen,” I cannot hide my excitement. “Mommy is busy working now. So, let’s not go to the next room. Let’s stay here. We can play!”

I’m not sure if my brother has heard me right. He speaks back to me in a loud whisper, which I do not quite understand, but he is saying something about our mother.

“Yes, she is working now,” I repeat. “So, we can stay here!”

In that moment, my brother stands up and goes to the next room – the very thing I suggested him not to!

My mother greets him and I can tell that she has put aside her work. Now, her attention is back to us! I am disappointed that we have lost a precious opportunity of our morning playtime.