You know that I don’t like ketchup too much
I’m not a person who puts ketchup in everything I eat
Only with fast food I use ketchup

So when I first saw you pulling up ketchup
Next to almost every food we ate together
I was upset
With this dish?
No, no, no!
It’s inappropriate!
It’s impolite!

But you looked so happy adding ketchup on your plate
That I didn’t say anything

You are a true ketchup lover, I learn
It’s not that you just like ketchup
Ketchup makes you happy
It’s your little happiness essence

One day you asked me if I also wanted ketchup on my plate
I said I wanted it
Not that I liked ketchup any better
But I wanted to taste it the way you did
The happiness essence

Now when we eat together
I ask you if you want ketchup
Just so you don’t forget it, you know
And if you say yes
I’ll say that I want some on my plate, too