Strange dance in the bathtub

In this memory, I am five years old. It is a weekday evening, and I am taking bath with my mother and my little brother. After my mother washes me and my brother, we sit in the water by ourselves until my mother finishes washing herself.

This is a gold moment that I have been waiting for, the moment when we can do anything and splash as much water as we want. Once my mother joins us, I know she will make us sit quietly and we can no longer play.

I pick up toys in my both hands – there are several toys in the bathroom, a bucket, a watering can, and a few capsules – and start walking inside the bathtub in a circle.

“Anything, everything, tick, tick tick!”

I sing as I walk around. Immediately, just as I have expected, my brother follows my lead. He also picks up toys in his hands and starts walking behind me.

“Anything, everything, tick, tick, tick!”

We sing together, as we go round and round in the bathtub. Our voices become louder, and our movements become bigger. Just when our fun has reached its peak, my mother finishes her washing and joins us in the bathtub.

“Sweeties, that’s it for tonight! We are now gonna sit properly and warm ourselves up.”

Thus, our fun time is over – at least for now, that is.